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Introduction to Logic and Computer Design
역/저자 Alan B. Marcovitz
ISBN 9780071285988
판형 230*186
페이지 쪽수 확인 중
정가 37,000 원
"Introduction to Logic and Computer Design" by Alan Marcovitz takes the successful formula realized in the author's previous books and makes it even better. With the inclusion of several chapters on computer design, Marcovitz now offers everything a fundamentals-oriented logic design course might include. Further, this new book is supported by an ARIS site and a host of new media supplements to make both the instructor's and the student's job easier. As with Marcovitz's previous books, the clear presentation of concepts and well-paced writing style make "Introduction to Logic and Computer Design" the ideal companion to any first course in digital logic. Users rave about the book's extensive set of examples - well integrated into the body of the text and included at the end of each chapter in sections of solved problems - that give students multiple opportunities to understand the topics being presented.