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Transportation Infrastructure
역/저자 Hoel, Lester A. , Garber, Nicholas J. , Sadek, Adel W.
ISBN 9780495667896
판형 185*229
페이지 688
정가 39,000 원
Transportation Infrastructure Engineering: A Multimodal Integration, intended to serve as a resource for courses in transportation engineering, emphasizes transportation in an overall systems perspective. It can serve as a textbook for an introductory course or for upper-level undergraduate and first-year graduate courses. This book, unlike the widely used textbook, Traffic and Highway Engineering, serves a different purpose and is intended for a broader audience. Its objective is to provide an overview of transportation from a multi-modal viewpoint rather than emphasizing a particular mode in great detail. By placing emphasis on explaining the environment in which transportation operates, this book presents the "big picture" to assist students in understanding why transportation systems operate as they do and the role they play in a global society. 

- PowerPoint Slides featuring all images from the text available for download. 
- Instructors Solution Manual with fully worked out solutions. 
- Organized around the fundamentals within the field of transportation engineering. 
- Pedagogical approach is an extensive use of solved examples in each chapter that illustrate text material. 
- Homework problems are provided at the end of each chapter as well as a summary and list of suggestions for further reading. 

"I very much like the multimodal approach that the authors have adopted in this textbook in which the topics are organized by themes rather than the modes. Unlike recent editions of similar textbooks on transportation engineering, this book truly adopts the multimodal approach to pedagogy." Murtaza Haider, McGill University - Montreal