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  • 분야별도서 [수학]
역/저자 Man Sik Min, Hyeong Chul Jeong, Hyejung Lee
ISBN 788964214350
판형 191 * 260
페이지 584
정가 35,000 원
We wrote this calculus textbook for students seriously considering a career in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. Having taught calculus for over thirty years at universities, We have gained invaluable insights into making the material more accessible and less daunting through the use of simple, direct language. Thus, even for students with weak mathematical foundations or for those who are approaching calculus for the very first time, We believe that this textbook can facilitate their comprehension. Numerous examples and problem sets were designed so that the major concepts of calclus could be absorbed, then solved, and finally applied. In addition to single variable calculus, We cover vector calculus, partial derivatives, and multiple integrals, as these are the minimum requirements necessary to survive a university STEM curriculum.