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Principles of Economics 9/e
역/저자 Mankiw
ISBN 9789814915342
판형 216 * 254
페이지 816
정가 53,000 원
Give your students an approachable introduction to economics that allows all types of students to quickly grasp economic concepts and build a strong foundation. Now in its eighth edition, the popular PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS is the most widely used resource of its kind in economics classrooms worldwide. Author N. Gregory Mankiw is a superb writer and economist who covers only the most important principles to avoid overwhelming students with excessive detail. Extensive updates feature relevant new examples to capture students\\\' attention. MindTap® and Aplia digital course solutions are available to improve student engagement and retention with powerful student-focused resources.

-  EXPANDED VIDEO LECTURE SERIES LESSONS WITH QUICK QUIZZES IN MINDTAP REFLECT THE UNIQUE MANKIW APPROACH. This new assignable video series supports students both as they prepare for class and as they prepare for exams. The engaging videos offer an alternative to reading the text and are appropriately divided into manageable segments that allow students to focus only on concepts they find most challenging. Fresh examples are seamlessly aligned to the approach and student-oriented language of Mankiw's printed book. Brief quizzes evaluate understanding as students progress through the videos.

- "EXPLORE MINDTAP FOR MANKIW 9E: A VIDEO TUTORIAL" SHOWS STUDENTS HOW TO UTILIZE MINDTAP MOST EFFECTIVELY. This short video-based exercise is assignable and the perfect primer to maximize each student’s effectiveness in using MindTap starting on the first day of class. This video tutorial supports your students with a quick understanding of the multitude of student-focus resources available to them in this edition. The video efficiently highlights the advantages of MindTap, including the interactive eReader, StudyHub, Adaptive Test Prep and Graph Builder.

 UPDATED END-OF-CHAPTER MATERIALS PROVIDE INVALUABLE PRINTED PRACTICE PLUS DIGITAL SUPPORT. "Chapter Quick Quizzes," "Questions for Review," and "Problems and Applications" now reflect this edition’s most recent content updates. The "Chapter Quick Quizzes" and "Problems and Applications" are completely digitized in MindTap and are fully gradable. "Problem and Applications" are also available as algorithmic sets in MindTap only.

-  Updated "ASK THE EXPERTS" BOXES HIGHLIGHT THE LATEST OPINIONS FROM THE WORLD’S MOST PROMINENT ECONOMISTS. This updated learning feature highlights the IGM Economics Experts Panel, a longitudinal survey of several dozens of the world’s most prominent economists. Every few weeks these experts review a proposition and respond whether they agree with it, disagree with it, or are uncertain. The insights from this feature demonstrate for your students numerous situations when economists are united, divided, or simply don’t know what to think.

- EXTENSIVELY UPDATED COVERAGE OF RELEVANT, CURRENT ECONOMIC TOPICS ADDRESSES THE LATEST DEVELOPING ISSUES. Numerous chapters reflect today's latest developments. The most comprehensive updates include coverage of the design of the tax system (Ch. 12), the markets for the factors of production (Ch. 18), income inequality and poverty (Ch. 20), measuring a nation’s income (Ch. 23), measuring the cost of living (Ch. 24), production and growth (Ch. 25), and unemployment (Ch. 28).

- NUMEROUS NEW AND UPDATED "IN THE NEWS," "FYI," AND "CASE STUDY" FEATURES HIGHLIGHT RECENT AND SIGNIFICANT ECONOMIC EVENTS. You and your students stay up to date on the today’s most recent economic changes and developments as these features highlight events that have made headlines. Engaging explanations detail the significant of these developments on economic decisions today.